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All my favorite characters are probably the ones you like the least.

I'm Veni on Archive of Our Own, and I write lots of fics, mainly for Ramsay/Theon and Hannibal/Will, but I fill prompts for any pairing that interests me and I'll read anything, honestly.

Seriously, I read a lot of fic, so feel free to recommend stuff or ask for recs

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I want to be that cane so bad omg

Seriously though where is the fic involving the cane because it’s right there you guys, it’s begging for smut

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Aw Chilty I can see thru ur lies. Yo denial ain’t that pretty, ya know you’re smitten, just look at that sweetie and stop tryin to hide yo boner sir, cuz you ain’t doing a very good job. *disappoint*

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