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I'm also Veni on AO3 and I write shitty fic, mainly Ramsay/Theon, Hannibal/Will, and Chilton/Will. I ship things because I'm an idiot so watch out for that.

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The comedy stylings of Stannis Baratheon sustain me

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he cleans himself like a kitten

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You just know that the second Will realized everything was being recorded he started fucking around with Chilton

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Dat beard dat swagger dat everything

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Watch Mads Mikkelsen wear the fuck out of this shirt (and several others) in this ambitious, exotic locale porn. ★★★★★

God damn Denmark is your soil made of witches because your men are magical

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Am I the only one hyped as fuck for Burn Gorman on next week’s Game of Thrones?



That’s Hannibal’s bathroom btw

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